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A sound belief in the physical kinaesthetic ability has been endorsed by our earliest education systems, be it Greek schools or Indian gurukuls. Hence, to continue the excellent tradition of a sound mind in a healthy body, we provide many indoor and outdoor physical activities to our students. Our sports department has multi talented and qualified coaches who motivate in students a healthy enjoyment of physical activity, team spirit and encourage them to build up stamina levels.



Table Tennis improves hand-eye coordination and makes children physically fit.

Yoga creates physical balance and mental harmony.

Gymnastics imparts neuro muscular coordination.

Darts includes mental mathematics, mental toughness and concentration.

Taekwondo builds confidence through self defense techniques as well as physical endurance.

Chess develops mental concentration to reach the goal in an organized way.

Badminton develops focus and agility as well as stamina.



Basketball is not only attractive to children but also improve aim and balance.

Football gives a chance to use up surplus energy, builds physical dexterity and stamina.

Handball increases agility, aim and balance.

Cricket enhances stamina and hand eye coordination.

Athletics through track and field events, build up stamina and increase agility and general motor fitness.

Swimming creates neuro muscular coordination, fosters growth and is great fun!

Skating is very popular as it improves speed, balance and physical coordination.

Kho Kho is a traditional Indian game imparting stamina as well as agility.